Giant Lanterns of China at Edinburgh Zoo 2018

Evenings at Edinburgh Zoo are brought to life with the Giant Lanterns of China throughout November, December, January.

Edinburgh Zoo Chinese Lanterns Edinburgh Zoo Edinburgh chinese lanterns

When darkness falls, over 450 lanterns light the way through zoo, casting a magical setting with Chinese legends and Scottish myths, created by 50 craftsmen from Sichuan.

The giant steel and silk lanterns, which took a staggering 25,000 hours to produce, include giants, kelpies, unicorns, Scotland’s own Loch Ness Monster alongside flamingoes, lions, giant pandas, intricate flowers and 9-foot high and a 115 foot long Chinese dragon.

As well as the Giant Lanterns of China there will be hot drinks and snacks to help keep the chill away and a marketplace with handmade crafts from Chinese artisans.

Further details and tickets at: Chinese Lanterns