Afternoon Tea at The Hub

I have to confess that I didn’t realise that The Hub serves the wonderful British indulgence that is afternoon tea and was very pleasantly surprised to discover the traditional fare in such relaxed contemporary surroundings.

My fellow tea-taker chose the luxuriant sweetness of a delicate Earl Grey, whilst I opted for a classic English Breakfast tea, both of which were served with delicate crispy shortbread discs.

Presented on a three-tiered stand, the savory finger sandwiches of cucumber, ham and smoked salmon left a cleanliness on the palate in preparation for the extravagance to come.

The middle tier of the stand was home to scones, jam and cream. The scones were light and airy, and were accompanied by the pleasant tang of strawberry jam to offset the sweetness of the cream.

The crowning glory of our three-tiered selection was the patisserie, featuring a cup-shaped waffle filled with vanilla flavoured cream and fresh strawberries, a dainty lemon meringue with a deep lemon zing topped nestling beneath a cloud of Italian meringue and a delightful macaroon with background flavours of firey whisky on one side complimented by the deep warmth of honey on the other.

The experience was exactly as it should be – leaving us with the sense of being slightly naughty, but happy to have been so.

Afternoon Tea for two: £25 or £41 with two mini bottles of prosecco.


Reservations: 0131 473 2067 or email