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Michelin starred 21212 restaurant is unlike most Michelin starred restaurants. Alongside the kind of attention to detail you’d expect from any restaurant that’s earned its star, 21212 has a menu full of fun and exciting twists and a somewhat trendier than normal crowd.

CIS Chef of the Year, Paul Kitching and his partner, Katie O’Brien, named their Michelin starred restaurant 21212 after the courses in the menu they serve. The five course menu offers a choice of two starters, a  set soup, a choice of two main courses, a set cheese course (the platter is extensive) and a choice of two desserts. They also offer a three course lunch for an incredibly reasonably priced £28.00

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Address:  3 Royal Terrace, Edinburgh, EH7 5AB
Tel:  0845 22 21212
Web address:  www.21212restaurant.co.uk

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